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Ernie dressed as Mexican Singer

"Hi friends, my name is Ernie and I am the CEO of Sleezy Barb Horsewear.  I would like to share with you some photos of my friends wearing costumes.  I hope this page will provide you with some inspiration of what you can do for that Halloween party or costume class.  If you would like your picture posted here, send me your photo and description."

Mindy as she-devil

Executive Assistant, Mindy Sue, is shown wearing her She-Devil costume made from a red flame sleezy. we added a set devil horns that were $.99 at the dollar store. You don't need an expensive costume. Use a sleezy you already have, add some embellishments and, viola!, you have a great original costume.

Costume for horseCostume for horseMindy Sue event mascot for Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI.

Mindy The Minnow, our 32" miniature horse and website model, was event mascot for The Great Sleepy Hollow Treasure Hunt aka Can You Ride Like a Pirate? This is a treasure hunt on horseback where participants and horses alike dress in their finest pirate garb in search of hidden treasure. arrrrrr!

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Costume for horsePhoto from Leah R. of Fredericksburg, VA

This darling little princess tamed and trained her own dragon! This was made from a special order fabric. Leah added her own tail, wings and spikes. For the spikes and wings "I used a felt....glued the sides and stuffed with fiber filing." Another option would be to use thin foam from your favorite craft store. Notice the detail she added of the very heavy chain used to keep the dragon "under control."

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Costume for horsePhoto from Mitch O. of Bluffdale, UT

Patti and Mitch needed three costumes for a "pool game" they devised using their pony, miniature horse and miniature donkey. They needed an 8 ball, a stripe and a solid billiard ball. Here is Cookie wearing the burgundy stripe "15". "First let me say that my wife could NOT possibly be happier. Now, let me share with you a pic or two of our "Cookie (that's her name) in one of the sleepers that you made."

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Costume for horseCostume for horsePhotos from Dr. Keith F. of North Mankato, MN

These photos were taken at The National POA Congress in St. Louis, MO. "This was the costume I designed last year where I was the Terracotta soldier, Katelin was the Chinese Emperor's daughter on a Chinese New Year Dragon." We made the Uni-Body and Fast Leg Wraps from fabric Dr. Keith chose from one of our suppliers.

Costume for horsePhoto from Dr. Keith F. of North Mankato, MN

Here is a photo from Dr Keith at the POA National Congress. He was the National Congress Champion with his very clever entry of "Amelia Earhart and the Suba Diver who rescued her" costume. We made the Uni-body and Fast Leg Wraps out of a special order fabric. Dr Keith wanted one side red sequin and the other side a silver sequin. He also designed the airplane which had a stream of smoke coming out of it! What I wonder is how he got around wearing those flippers. Hope he didn't have to enter at a trot!

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Costume for horseCostume for horsePhotos from Kristen B. of Holland, PA

"Hi Everyone! This is our second year using our Uni-Body Suit for a costume. Just use washable paint and you can use it every year!! This year my daughter Devyn and her pony Sadie are a carousel horse and pole and they had a great Halloween! The lycra sleezy really holds up and makes a great costume!!"

Costume for horsePhoto from Helen L. of Elizabeth, CO

"Our horses Nutmeg and Diamante told us they wanted to feel what it was like to be famous so we turned them into Seabiscuit and Secretariat using Sleezy Barb's face masks. We won first place on our Halloween ride with our riding club and really enjoyed being 'famous' for one day!"

Costume for horsePhoto from Susan M. of Cypress County, Alberta, Canada

"This is the costume that I made for my daughters 4-H District Horse Show 2013. She is Cruella Deville and her Welsh Pony is the dalmatian! We bought the white Uni-body suit from you and painted on the spots with t-shirt paint, sewed on ears and a collar, and his tail is in a Ultimate tail wrap to cover his black tail. The paws I made myself with stuffing and Velcro. She won third place for her costume and had a great time! Thank-you for all the products that you sell and the unlimited things I can do with my daughters imagination!!" You look fabulous, dahling, absolutely fabulous!

Costume for horseCostume for horsePhoto from Candance K. of Shelby Twnshp, MI

In Candance's words..."I was the main character from a video game series called Assassins Creed, and Carter (my horse) was the guards horse I stole out from under him :) Carter was a trooper for this whole event. my cape was flapping every where and his outfit was flappin around his legs, and not once did he ever have a problem. You guys supplied me with the face mask. I added the silver for the face plate look." Wonderful costume idea. Thank you for sharing your pictures. We hope it will provide you with some inspiration of how easy it is to make your costume unique and fabulous!

Pink Poodle CostumePhoto from Kristen B. of Holland, PA

In Kristen's words..."Here is 7 year old Devyn and her Welsh/Thoroughbred pony, Sadie, at the 2012 Huntingdon Valley Hunt Halloween Show. Devyn is Alex the Lion and Sadie the Marty the Afro Circus Zebra from the movie Madagascar 3. We purchased the white Uni-Body suit and painted the circles on the body with washable paint so we can use the body suit throughout the season. This pair came in second in a very large class! We want to thank you for your excellent product and customer service that was second to none!" You two look amazing and I especially love that wig! You are just too cute! Thanks for sharing your idea.

Pink Poodle CostumePhoto from Stacey R. of Abbeville, GA

This adorable Hot Pink Poodle costume comes to us from the Sweet Tater Parade in Georgia. Lesley's horse is wearing one of our Sleezy Masks. The rest of the embellishments are made from yarn. Yarn ears with purple bows. Yarn tail.  Knitted/crocheted hot pink vest and poodle puffs on the legs. You can see she even has a diamond studded black collar. Very nicely done, ladies!

Superhorse CostumePhoto from Toni T. of South Jordan, UT

It's a, it's a, it's SUPERHORSE! Sockett is dressed as Superhorse and is wearing a royal blue Uni-Body Suit. Toni made a red satin cape attached with glitter garland. The garland is used on the brow band of the halter. The legs are wrapped with red polo wraps and topped with gold garland. Toni made her own Superhorse logo using some of the red satin from the cape and attached it to the Uni-Body using heat press-on Stitch Witchery (can be found at Joann's or Wal-Mart in the notions section).

mini horse Riddler costumePhoto from Susan M. of Marion, NC

Batman's nemeses, The Riddler, The Joker and Catwoman. We provided the Uni-Body for Susan's mini in Kelly Green and she added the question marks.

Photos from Kathy B. of Grand Isle, VT

In Kathy's words..."I can't tell you enough how wonderful your sleezy mask is. My sister was ecstatic over the costume. So I am sending you a few pictures of Pam and Vrouwke." Kathy had us make her sleezy mask half black and half white. Kathy added the cape and rein decorations. Phantom of the Opera costume Phantom of the Opera costume

giraffe costume giraffe costumePhotos from Dana K. of Jamestown, TN

Here are some great photos of Dana and her ride from a Mardis Gras celebration. Dana is dressed as a circus announcer and her horse is a giraffe. Her horse is in a stretch Uni-Body and is wearing the Fast Wraps on its legs.

Miniature Horse wearing zebra costumePhoto from Michele of Byromville, GA

Here is photo from Michele where her daughter and her mini are both dressed as zebras. Michele took first place for these matching costumes. Other cute ideas included "Dressed for Morning Mini" to with left. That mini has curlers in its mane and its handler is wearing pajamas. The mini to the right is a bug complete with antennae.

Miniature Horse wearing black cat costumePhoto from Linda M. of Burton, OH

Linda purchased a red stretch sheet from us for her pony. Linda's granddaughter was Betsy Ross and her grandson was George Washington. The stars on the flag were attached with Velcro so Betsy "sewed" the flag in the arena under the watchful eye of the judge and George Washington. Linda says the "best part that the flag comes off and now we'll use her stretch body suit and hood for the everyday stuff."

Miniature Horse wearing black cat costumePhoto from Melissa F. of Lapeer, MI

Here Kittty, Kitty, Kitty!  This black cat costume for Melissa's miniature horse was made using our black Uni-Body with ear covers (additional cost). Melissa added a tail and whiskers. This costume coordinated with Melissa's witch costume.

full body sleezy, body suitfull body sleezy, body suit911 Rescue Team, Fall Fest, San Diego, CA

This team took 1st Place with their costumes of US Special Forces, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Police.  They purchased from us a Camouflage Uni-Body for the Army costume and used Stitch Witchery Heat Bond to attach the flag on both

full body sleezy, body suitfull body sleezy, body suitsides.  The Fire Truck used a Red Uni-Body, a Red English Saddle Cover and then the customer used Stitch Witchery to bond on the Fire Dept. Logo.  We made the black and white Uni-Body (for an additional charge) for the Police car, a White English Saddle Cover, and the customer added the police badge and "Protect and Serve" using Stitch Witchery.  Stitch Witchery can be purchased at any Wal-Mart store.  When you are done with your "costume", the attachments can be peeled off and the Uni-Body reused.  For the ambulance, the customer purchased a White Uni-Body, White English Saddle Cover, and we stitched on the Red Cross symbol (for an additional charge). They look FABULOUS don't they?

Pokey in an orange full body sleezyPhoto from Mary O. of Howell, MI

Here comes Gumby and Pokey!  This fabulous costume was created by Mary O.  We made the orange Miniature Uni-Body and Mary added the black yarn mane and tail, and created the leg coverings with matching fabric we provided her. Let your imagination run wild like Mary did. We'll work hard to get that fabric to make your vision a reality.

horse taxiPhoto from Michelle S. of Midland, MI

Very clever New York City taxi costume designed by Michelle which took 2nd place at the Midland County Fair. Her daughter is a Radio City Rockette and her son a Wall Street Executive.

Friends of Sleezy Barb Horsewear
Spooky Ride

Spooky Ride is an annual event held at Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI For more information and pictures, please visit the SHTRA (Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association) website.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Danielle and her mare Calypso are Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf The Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Costume.       Who me?? Big and Bad?
Made from fake fur, pink
fleece for inside of ears,
fangs are white lycra
with fiber fill stuffing


Mikayla and Domino are a Princess and her ride. It is hard to see on the picture but Domino was slathered in red spray-on glitter.

Robin Hood on pony Robin Hood and Rent-A-Wreck

Jeff is Robin Hood, Men in Tights and pony Mya is "Rent-A-Wreck". Jeff did a great job with his costume and included such accessories as the "Rent-A-Wreck" sign on Mya's butt.  Jeff's inspiration came from the Mel Brook's movie "Robin Hood, Men in Tights".

Two Amigos

"Sleezy" Barb and Ernie are The Two Amigos. Ernie is wearing a fleece serape with maracas around his neck, a sombrero and fake moustache. I have a matching fleece serape, guitar on my back, stick-on Poncho Villa moustache and sombrero.

Submit your own horse photo! Do you have a photo of your horse wearing Sleezy Barb Horsewear that you would like to see on this web site? If so, please send an e-mail with your horse photo as an attachment.  Don't forget to tell us your special friend's name and a story about your horse in the photo that we can include on the page.

When you want to send us several horse photos, please send a separate e-mail for every photo, each with its own description. Use the following e-mail address to send your photo to:

Agreement: Submitting your horse's photo means that you agree that you give us permission to use the photo on this page of the website. Your e-mail address will be stored (but not published) for internal use, just in case we need to contact you about your submission. You can be sure that it will not be given or sold to anyone.

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